service is a virtual module that is fulfilled by one of the following modules:

Execution Module Used for
debian_service Debian Wheezy and earlier
freebsdservice FreeBSD-based OSes using service(8)
gentoo_service Gentoo Linux using sysvinit and rc-update(8)
launchctl Mac OS hosts using launchctl(1)
netbsdservice NetBSD-based OSes
openbsdservice OpenBSD-based OSes
rh_service RedHat-based distros and derivatives using service(8) and chkconfig(8). Supports both pure sysvinit and mixed sysvinit/upstart systems.
service Fallback which simply wraps sysvinit scripts
smf Solaris-based OSes which use SMF
systemd Linux distros which use systemd
upstart Ubuntu-based distros using upstart
win_service Windows