runner modules

asam Novell ASAM Runner
auth Authentication runner for creating, deleting, and managing eauth tokens.
bgp BGP Finder
cache Return cached data from minions
cloud The Salt Cloud Runner
ddns Dynamic DNS Runner
digicertapi Support for Digicert.
doc A runner module to collect and display the inline documentation from the
drac Manage Dell DRAC from the Master
error Error generator to enable integration testing of salt runner error handling
event Module for sending events using the runner system.
f5 Runner to provide F5 Load Balancer functionality
fileserver Directly manage the Salt fileserver plugins
git_pillar Runner module to directly manage the git external pillar
http Module for making various web calls.
jobs A convenience system to manage jobs, both active and already run
launchd Manage launchd plist files
lxc Control Linux Containers via Salt
manage General management functions for salt, tools like seeing what hosts are up
mattermost Module for sending messages to Mattermost
mine A runner to access data from the salt mine
nacl This runner helps create encrypted passwords that can be included in pillars.
net NET Finder
network Network tools to run from the Master
pagerduty Runner Module for Firing Events via PagerDuty
pillar Functions to interact with the pillar compiler on the master
pkg Package helper functions using salt.modules.pkg
queue General management and processing of queues.
reactor A convenience system to manage reactors
salt This runner makes Salt's execution modules available on the salt master.
saltutil Sync custom types to the Master
sdb Runner for setting and querying data via the sdb API on the master
smartos_vmadm Runner for SmartOS minions control vmadm
search Runner frontend to search system
spacewalk Spacewalk Runner
ssh A Runner module interface on top of the salt-ssh Python API.
state Execute orchestration functions
survey A general map/reduce style salt runner for aggregating results returned by several different minions.
test This runner is used only for test purposes and servers no production purpose
thin The thin runner is used to manage the salt thin systems.
venafiapi Support for Venafi
virt Control virtual machines via Salt
vistara Vistara Runner
winrepo Runner to manage Windows software repo