state modules

acme ACME / Let's Encrypt certificate management state
alias Configuration of email aliases
alternatives Configuration of the alternatives system
apache Apache state
apache_conf Manage Apache Confs
apache_module Manage Apache Modules
apache_site Manage Apache Sites
aptpkg Package management operations specific to APT- and DEB-based systems
archive Extract an archive
artifactory This state downloads artifacts from artifactory.
at Configuration disposable regularly scheduled tasks for at.
augeas Configuration management using Augeas
aws_sqs Manage SQS Queues
beacon Management of the Salt beacons
bigip A state module designed to enforce load-balancing configurations for F5 Big-IP entities.
blockdev Management of Block Devices
boto3_elasticache Manage Elasticache with boto3
boto3_route53 Manage Route53 records with Boto 3
boto_apigateway Manage Apigateway Rest APIs
boto_asg Manage Autoscale Groups
boto_cfn Connection module for Amazon Cloud Formation
boto_cloudtrail Manage CloudTrail Objects
boto_cloudwatch_alarm Manage Cloudwatch alarms
boto_cloudwatch_event Manage CloudTrail Objects
boto_cognitoidentity Manage CognitoIdentity Functions
boto_datapipeline Manage Data Pipelines
boto_dynamodb Manage DynamoDB Tables
boto_ec2 Manage EC2
boto_elasticache Manage Elasticache
boto_elasticsearch_domain Manage Elasticsearch Domains
boto_elb Manage ELBs
boto_elbv2 Manage AWS Application Load Balancer
boto_iam Manage IAM objects
boto_iam_role Manage IAM roles
boto_iot Manage IoT Objects
boto_kinesis Manage Kinesis Streams
boto_kms Manage KMS keys, key policies and grants.
boto_lambda Manage Lambda Functions
boto_lc Manage Launch Configurations
boto_rds Manage RDSs
boto_route53 Manage Route53 records
boto_s3_bucket Manage S3 Buckets
boto_secgroup Manage Security Groups
boto_sns Manage SNS Topics
boto_sqs Manage SQS Queues
boto_vpc Manage VPCs
bower Installation of Bower Packages
cabal Installation of Cabal Packages
ceph Manage ceph with salt.
chef Execute Chef client runs
chocolatey Manage Chocolatey package installs ..
chronos_job Configure Chronos jobs via a salt proxy.
cisconso State module for Cisco NSO Proxy minions
cloud Using states instead of maps to deploy clouds
cmd Execution of arbitrary commands
composer Installation of Composer Packages
cron Management of cron, the Unix command scheduler
cyg Installation of Cygwin packages.
ddns Dynamic DNS updates
debconfmod Management of debconf selections
dellchassis Manage chassis via Salt Proxies.
disk Disk monitoring state
docker States to manage Docker containers, images, volumes, and networks
docker_container Management of Docker containers
docker_image Management of Docker images
docker_network Management of Docker networks
docker_volume Management of Docker volumes
drac Management of Dell DRAC
elasticsearch State module to manage Elasticsearch.
elasticsearch_index State module to manage Elasticsearch indices
elasticsearch_index_template State module to manage Elasticsearch index templates
environ Support for getting and setting the environment variables of the current salt process.
eselect Management of Gentoo configuration using eselect
etcd_mod Manage etcd Keys
ethtool Configuration of network device
esxi Manage VMware ESXi Hosts.
event Send events through Salt's event system during state runs
file Operations on regular files, special files, directories, and symlinks
firewall State to check firewall configurations ..
firewalld Management of firewalld
gem Installation of Ruby modules packaged as gems
git States to manage git repositories and git configuration
github Github User State Module
glance Managing Images in OpenStack Glance
glusterfs Manage GlusterFS pool.
gnomedesktop Configuration of the GNOME desktop
gpg Management of the GPG keychains
grafana Manage Grafana Dashboards
grafana4_dashboard Manage Grafana v4.0 Dashboards
grafana4_datasource Manage Grafana v4.0 data sources
grafana4_org Manage Grafana v4.0 orgs
grafana4_user Manage Grafana v4.0 users
grafana_dashboard Manage Grafana v2.0 Dashboards
grafana_datasource Manage Grafana v2.0 data sources
grains Manage grains on the minion
group Management of user groups
heat Management of Heat
hg Interaction with Mercurial repositories
hipchat Send a message to Hipchat
host Management of addresses and names in hosts file
htpasswd Support for htpasswd module.
http HTTP monitoring states
icinga2 Icinga2 state
ifttt Trigger an event in IFTTT
incron Management of incron, the inotify cron
influxdb08_database Management of Influxdb 0.8 databases
influxdb08_user Management of InfluxDB 0.8 users
influxdb_continuous_query Management of Influxdb continuous queries
influxdb_database Management of Influxdb databases
influxdb_retention_policy Management of Influxdb retention policies
influxdb_user Management of InfluxDB users
infoblox states for infoblox stuff
ini_manage Manage ini files
ipmi Manage IPMI devices over LAN
ipset Management of ipsets
iptables Management of iptables
jboss7 Manage JBoss 7 Application Server via CLI interface
jenkins Management of Jenkins
junos State modules to interact with Junos devices.
k8s Manage Kubernetes
kapacitor Kapacitor state module.
keyboard Management of keyboard layouts
keystone Management of Keystone users
kmod Loading and unloading of kernel modules
kubernetes Manage kubernetes resources as salt states
layman Management of Gentoo Overlays using layman
ldap Manage entries in an LDAP database
libcloud_dns Manage DNS records and zones using libcloud
linux_acl Linux File Access Control Lists
locale Management of languages/locales
logrotate Module for managing logrotate.
loop Loop state
lvm Management of Linux logical volumes
lvs_server Management of LVS (Linux Virtual Server) Real Server
lvs_service Management of LVS (Linux Virtual Server) Service
lxc Manage Linux Containers
mac_assistive Allows you to manage assistive access on macOS minions with 10.9+
mac_defaults Writing/reading defaults from a macOS minion
mac_keychain Installing of certificates to the keychain
mac_package Installing of mac pkg files
mac_xattr Allows you to manage extended attributes on files or directories
makeconf Management of Gentoo make.conf
marathon_app Configure Marathon apps via a salt proxy.
mdadm Managing software RAID with mdadm
memcached States for Management of Memcached Keys
modjk State to control Apache modjk
modjk_worker Manage modjk workers
module Execution of Salt modules from within states
mongodb_database Management of Mongodb databases
mongodb_user Management of Mongodb users
monit Monit state
mount Mounting of filesystems
msteams Send a message card to Microsoft Teams
mysql_database Management of MySQL databases (schemas)
mysql_grants Management of MySQL grants (user permissions)
mysql_query Execution of MySQL queries
mysql_user Management of MySQL users
netacl Network ACL
netconfig Network Config
netntp Network NTP
netsnmp Network SNMP
netusers Network Users
network Configuration of network interfaces
netyang NAPALM YANG state
nftables Management of nftables
npm Installation of NPM Packages
ntp Management of NTP servers
nxos State module for Cisco NX OS Switches Proxy minions
openstack_config Manage OpenStack configuration file settings.
openvswitch_bridge Management of Open vSwitch bridges.
openvswitch_port Management of Open vSwitch ports.
pagerduty Create an Event in PagerDuty
pagerduty_escalation_policy Manage PagerDuty escalation policies.
pagerduty_schedule Manage PagerDuty schedules.
pagerduty_service Manage PagerDuty services
pagerduty_user Manage PagerDuty users.
pcs Management of Pacemaker/Corosync clusters with PCS
pecl Installation of PHP Extensions Using pecl
pdbedit Manage accounts in Samba's passdb using pdbedit
pip_state Installation of Python Packages Using pip
pkg Installation of packages using OS package managers such as yum or apt-get
pkgbuild The pkgbuild state is the front of Salt package building backend.
pkgng Manage package remote repo using FreeBSD pkgng
pkgrepo Management of APT/DNF/YUM/Zypper package repos
portage_config Management of Portage package configuration on Gentoo
ports Manage software from FreeBSD ports
postgres_cluster Management of PostgreSQL clusters
postgres_database Management of PostgreSQL databases
postgres_extension Management of PostgreSQL extensions
postgres_group Management of PostgreSQL groups (roles)
postgres_initdb Initialization of PostgreSQL data directory
postgres_language Management of PostgreSQL languages
postgres_privileges Management of PostgreSQL Privileges
postgres_schema Management of PostgreSQL schemas
postgres_tablespace Management of PostgreSQL tablespace
postgres_user Management of PostgreSQL users (roles)
powerpath Powerpath configuration support
probes Network Probes
process Process Management
proxy Allows you to manage proxy settings on minions
pushover Send a message to PushOver
pyenv Managing python installations with pyenv
pyrax_queues Manage Rackspace Queues
quota Management of POSIX Quotas
rabbitmq_cluster Manage RabbitMQ Clusters
rabbitmq_plugin Manage RabbitMQ Plugins
rabbitmq_policy Manage RabbitMQ Policies
rabbitmq_user Manage RabbitMQ Users
rabbitmq_vhost Manage RabbitMQ Virtual Hosts
rbac_solaris Management of Solaris RBAC
rbenv Managing Ruby installations with rbenv
rdp Manage RDP Service on Windows servers
redismod Management of Redis server
reg Manage the Windows registry =========================== Many python developers think of registry keys as if they were python keys in a dictionary which is not the case.
rsync State to synchronize files and directories with rsync.
rvm Managing Ruby installations and gemsets with Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
salt_proxy Salt proxy state
saltmod Control the Salt command interface
schedule Management of the Salt scheduler
selinux Management of SELinux rules
serverdensity_device Monitor Server with Server Density
service Starting or restarting of services and daemons
slack Send a message to Slack
smartos Management of SmartOS Standalone Compute Nodes
smtp Sending Messages via SMTP
snapper Managing implicit state and baselines using snapshots
solrcloud States for solrcloud alias and collection configuration
splunk Splunk User State Module
splunk_search Splunk Search State Module
sqlite3 Management of SQLite3 databases
ssh_auth Control of entries in SSH authorized_key files
ssh_known_hosts Control of SSH known_hosts entries
stateconf Stateconf System
status Minion status monitoring
statuspage StatusPage
stormpath_account Support for Stormpath.
supervisord Interaction with the Supervisor daemon
svn Manage SVN repositories
sysctl Configuration of the Linux kernel using sysctl
syslog_ng State module for syslog_ng

New in version 2016.3.0..

test Test States
timezone Management of timezones
tls Enforce state for SSL/TLS
tomcat Manage Apache Tomcat web applications
trafficserver Control Apache Traffic Server
tuned Interface to Red Hat tuned-adm module
uptime Monitor Web Server with Uptime
user Management of user accounts
vbox_guest VirtualBox Guest Additions installer state
victorops Create an Event in VictorOps
virt Manage virt
virtualenv_mod Setup of Python virtualenv sandboxes.
win_certutil Installing of certificates to the Windows Certificate Manager
win_dacl Windows Object Access Control Lists
win_dism Installing of Windows features using DISM
win_dns_client Module for configuring DNS Client on Windows systems
win_firewall State for configuring Windows Firewall
win_iis Microsoft IIS site management
win_lgpo Manage Windows Local Group Policy
win_license Installation and activation of windows licenses
win_network Configuration of network interfaces on Windows hosts
win_path Manage the Windows System PATH
win_pki Microsoft certificate management via the Pki PowerShell module.
win_powercfg This module allows you to control the power settings of a windows minion via powercfg.
win_servermanager Manage Windows features via the ServerManager powershell module
win_smtp_server Module for managing IIS SMTP server configuration on Windows servers.
win_snmp Module for managing SNMP service settings on Windows servers.
win_system Management of Windows system information
win_update Management of the windows update agent
win_wua Installation of Windows Updates using the Windows Update Agent
winrepo Manage Windows Package Repository
x509 Manage X509 Certificates
xmpp Sending Messages over XMPP
zabbix_host Management of Zabbix hosts.
zabbix_hostgroup Management of Zabbix host groups.
zabbix_mediatype Management of Zabbix mediatypes.
zabbix_user Management of Zabbix users.
zabbix_usergroup Management of Zabbix user groups.
zcbuildout Management of zc.buildout
zenoss State to manage monitoring in Zenoss.
zk_concurrency Control concurrency of steps within state execution using zookeeper
zfs Management zfs datasets
zone Management of Solaris Zones
zpool Management zpool