Salt 2014.7.1 Release Notes


Version 2014.7.1 is a bugfix release for 2014.7.0.

The changes include:

  • Fixed gitfs serving symlinks in file.recurse states (issue #17700)
  • Fixed holding of multiple packages (YUM) when combined with version pinning (issue #18468)
  • Fixed use of Jinja templates in masterless mode with non-roots fileserver backend (issue #17963)
  • Re-enabled pillar and compound matching for mine and publish calls. Note that pillar globbing is still disabled for those modes, for security reasons. (issue #17194)
  • Fix for tty: True in salt-ssh (issue #16847)
  • Fix for supervisord states when supervisor not installed to system python (issue #18044)
  • Fix for logging when log_level='quiet' for (issue #19479)