Vultr Cloud Module using python-vultr bindings

New in version 2016.3.0.

The Vultr cloud module is used to control access to the Vultr VPS system.

Use of this module only requires the api_key parameter.

Set up the cloud configuration at /etc/salt/cloud.providers or /etc/salt/cloud.providers.d/vultr.conf:

  # Vultr account api key
  api_key: <supersecretapi_key>
  driver: vultr

Set up the cloud profile at /etc/salt/cloud.profiles or /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/vultr.conf:

  location: 1
  provider: my-vultr-config
  image: 160
  size: 95
  enable_private_network: True

This driver also supports Vultr's startup script feature. You can list startup scripts in your account with

salt-cloud -f list_scripts <name of vultr provider>

That list will include the IDs of the scripts in your account. Thus, if you have a script called 'setup-networking' with an ID of 493234 you can specify that startup script in a profile like so:

  location: 1
  provider: my-vultr-config
  image: 223
  size: 13
  startup_script_id: 493234

Return available images

return available datacenter locations

return available startup scripts

Return available sizes ("plans" in VultrSpeak)

Create a single VM from a data dict

Remove a node from Vultr

Return the first configured instance**kwargs)

Return basic data on nodes**kwargs)

Return all data on nodes, call=None)

Return a list of the VMs that are on the provider, with select fields, call=None)

return list of Startup Scripts, call=None)

Show the details from the provider concerning an instance*args, **kwargs)

Execute a "start" action on a VM*args, **kwargs)

Execute a "stop" action on a VM