salt.returners.splunk module

Send json response data to Splunk via the HTTP Event Collector Requires the following config values to be specified in config or pillar:

  token: <splunk_http_forwarder_token>
  indexer: <hostname/IP of Splunk indexer>
  sourcetype: <Destination sourcetype for data>
  index: <Destination index for data>

Run a test by using salt-call --return splunk

Written by Scott Pack (

class salt.returners.splunk.http_event_collector(token, http_event_server, host='', http_event_port='8088', http_event_server_ssl=True, max_bytes=100000)
batchEvent(payload, eventtime='')
sendEvent(payload, eventtime='')

Send a message to Splunk via the HTTP Event Collector