Salt 2015.8.10 Release Notes

Version 2015.8.10 is a bugfix release for 2015.8.0.

This release includes fixes for two issues discovered in 2015.8.9:

  • Pip state broken in 2015.8.9 with pip <6.0 (issue #33376)

  • Fix traceback in logging for config validation (PR #33386)

Final Release of Debian 7 Packages

Regular security support for Debian 7 ended on April 25th 2016. As a result, 2016.3.1 and 2015.8.10 will be the last Salt releases for which Debian 7 packages are created.

Important Post-Upgrade Instructions for Linux Mint

As a result of some upstream changes, the os grain on Mint Linux is now being detected as LinuxMint (issue #33295). Run the following command after you upgrade to 2015.8.10 to reset the os grain to Mint and the os_family grain to Debian:

salt -G 'os:LinuxMint' grains.setvals "{'os': 'Mint', 'os_family': 'Debian'}"

Changelog for v2015.8.9..v2015.8.10

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  • c3d2c4eaae Fix traceback in logging for config validation (#33386)

  • 2a060ea1e8 restore whitespace

  • aa1f45d664 blast, put the try/except int he right place

  • be1a7659a3 maintain the fallabck because I am totally sick of this crap