Functions to interact with the pillar compiler on the master

salt.runners.pillar.show_pillar(minion='*', **kwargs)

Returns the compiled pillar either of a specific minion or just the global available pillars. This function assumes that no minion has the id *. Function also accepts pillarenv as attribute in order to limit to a specific pillar branch of git

CLI Example:

shows minion specific pillar:

salt-run pillar.show_pillar ''

shows global pillar:

salt-run pillar.show_pillar

shows global pillar for 'dev' pillar environment: (note that not specifying pillarenv will merge all pillar environments using the master config option pillar_source_merging_strategy.)

salt-run pillar.show_pillar 'pillarenv=dev'

shows global pillar for 'dev' pillar environment and specific pillarenv = dev:

salt-run pillar.show_pillar 'saltenv=dev' 'pillarenv=dev'

API Example:

import salt.config
import salt.runner
opts = salt.config.master_config('/etc/salt/master')
runner = salt.runner.RunnerClient(opts)
pillar = runner.cmd('pillar.show_pillar', [])
salt.runners.pillar.show_top(minion=None, saltenv='base')

Returns the compiled top data for pillar for a specific minion. If no minion is specified, we use the first minion we find.

CLI Example:

salt-run pillar.show_top