A convenience system to manage reactors

Beginning in the 2017.7 release, the reactor runner requires that the reactor system is running. This is accomplished one of two ways, either by having reactors configured or by including reactor in the engine configuration for the Salt master.

  • reactor

salt.runners.reactor.add(event, reactors, saltenv='base', test=None)

Add a new reactor

CLI Example:

salt-run reactor.add 'salt/cloud/*/destroyed' reactors='/srv/reactor/destroy/*.sls'
salt.runners.reactor.delete(event, saltenv='base', test=None)

Delete a reactor

CLI Example:

salt-run reactor.delete 'salt/cloud/*/destroyed'
salt.runners.reactor.list_(saltenv='base', test=None)

List currently configured reactors

CLI Example:

salt-run reactor.list