returner modules

carbon_return Take data from salt and "return" it into a carbon receiver
cassandra_cql_return Return data to a cassandra server
cassandra_return Return data to a Cassandra ColumnFamily
couchbase_return Simple returner for Couchbase.
couchdb_return Simple returner for CouchDB.
django_return A returner that will inform a Django system that returns are available using Django's signal system.
elasticsearch_return Return data to an elasticsearch server for indexing.
etcd_return Return data to an etcd server or cluster
highstate_return Return the results of a highstate (or any other state function that returns data in a compatible format) via an HTML email or HTML file.
hipchat_return Return salt data via hipchat.
influxdb_return Return data to an influxdb server.
kafka_return Return data to a Kafka topic
librato_return Salt returner to return highstate stats to Librato
local The local returner is used to test the returner interface, it just prints the
local_cache Return data to local job cache
mattermost_returner Return salt data via mattermost
memcache_return Return data to a memcache server
mongo_future_return Return data to a mongodb server
mongo_return Return data to a mongodb server
multi_returner Read/Write multiple returners
mysql Return data to a mysql server
nagios_return Return salt data to Nagios
odbc Return data to an ODBC compliant server.
pgjsonb Return data to a PostgreSQL server with json data stored in Pg's jsonb data type
postgres Return data to a postgresql server
postgres_local_cache Use a postgresql server for the master job cache.
pushover_returner Return salt data via pushover (
rawfile_json Take data from salt and "return" it into a raw file containing the json, with one line per event.
redis_return Return data to a redis server
sentry_return Salt returner that reports execution results back to sentry.
slack_returner Return salt data via slack
sms_return Return data by SMS.
smtp_return Return salt data via email
splunk Send json response data to Splunk via the HTTP Event Collector
sqlite3_return Insert minion return data into a sqlite3 database
syslog_return Return data to the host operating system's syslog facility
xmpp_return Return salt data via xmpp
zabbix_return Return salt data to Zabbix