Return data to a mongodb server

Required python modules: pymongo

This returner will send data from the minions to a MongoDB server. To configure the settings for your MongoDB server, add the following lines to the minion config files:

mongo.db: <database name> <server ip address>
mongo.user: <MongoDB username>
mongo.password: <MongoDB user password>
mongo.port: 27017

You can also ask for indexes creation on the most common used fields, which should greatly improve performance. Indexes are not created by default.

mongo.indexes: true

Alternative configuration values can be used by prefacing the configuration. Any values not found in the alternative configuration will be pulled from the default location:

alternative.mongo.db: <database name> <server ip address>
alternative.mongo.user: <MongoDB username>
alternative.mongo.password: <MongoDB user password>
alternative.mongo.port: 27017

This mongo returner is being developed to replace the default mongodb returner in the future and should not be considered API stable yet.

To use the mongo returner, append '--return mongo' to the salt command.

salt '*' --return mongo

To use the alternative configuration, append '--return_config alternative' to the salt command.

New in version 2015.5.0.

salt '*' --return mongo --return_config alternative

To override individual configuration items, append --return_kwargs '{"key:": "value"}' to the salt command.

New in version 2016.3.0.

salt '*' --return mongo --return_kwargs '{"db": "another-salt"}'

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salt.returners.mongo_future_return.prep_jid(nocache=False, passed_jid=None)

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salt.returners.mongo_future_return.save_load(jid, load, minions=None)

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