salt.returners.mattermost_returner module

Return salt data via mattermost

New in version 2017.7.0.

The following fields can be set in the minion conf file:

mattermost.hook (required)
mattermost.username (optional) (optional)

Alternative configuration values can be used by prefacing the configuration. Any values not found in the alternative configuration will be pulled from the default location:

mattermost settings may also be configured as:

  channel: RoomName
  hook: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  username: user

To use the mattermost returner, append '--return mattermost' to the salt command.

salt '*' --return mattermost

To override individual configuration items, append --return_kwargs '{'key:': 'value'}' to the salt command.

salt '*' --return mattermost --return_kwargs '{'channel': '#random'}'

Send the events to a mattermost room.

Parameters:events -- List of events
Returns:Boolean if messages were sent successfully.
salt.returners.mattermost_returner.post_message(channel, message, username, api_url, hook)

Send a message to a mattermost room.

  • channel -- The room name.
  • message -- The message to send to the mattermost room.
  • username -- Specify who the message is from.
  • hook -- The mattermost hook, if not specified in the configuration.

Boolean if message was sent successfully.


Send an mattermost message with the data