salt.pillar.csvpillar module

Store key/value pairs in a CSV file

New in version 2016.11.0.

Example configuration:

  - csv: /path/to/file.csv

# or

  - csv:
      path: /path/to/file.csv
      namespace: 'subkey'
      - col1
      - col2
      - col2

The first column must be minion IDs and the first row must be dictionary keys. E.g.:

id role env
jerry web prod
stuart web stage
dave web qa
phil db prod
kevin db stage
mike db qa

Will produce the following Pillar values for a minion named "jerry":

    'role': 'web',
    'env': 'prod',
salt.pillar.csvpillar.ext_pillar(mid, pillar, path, idkey='id', namespace=None, fieldnames=None, restkey=None, restval=None, dialect='excel')

Read a CSV into Pillar

  • path (str) -- Absolute path to a CSV file.
  • idkey (str) -- (Optional) The column name of minion IDs.
  • namespace (str) -- (Optional) A pillar key to namespace the values under.
  • fieldnames (list) -- (Optional) if the first row of the CSV is not column names they may be specified here instead.