CouchDB sdb Module


This allow interaction between Salt and a CouchDB [] database. It uses salt's sdb system to allow for inserts and retrevals using the sdb:// prefix in salt configuration files.

To use the couchbase sdb module, it must first be configured in the salt master or minion config. The following arguments are required:

  driver: couchdb
  host: localhost
  port: 5984
  database: salt_sdb

One could then query the CouchDB instance via an sdb:// URI such as the following:

password: sdb://couchdb_sdb/mykey

To use this interface, you must track IDs on your own or have another source to do the map-reduce logic necessary to calculate the ID you wish to fetch.

Additional contributions to build true map-reduce functionality into this module would be welcome.

salt.sdb.couchdb.get(key, profile=None)

Get a value from couchdb by id

salt.sdb.couchdb.set_(key, value, profile=None)

Set a key/value pair in couchdb