salt.modules.restartcheck module

checkrestart functionality for Debian and Red Hat Based systems

Identifies services (processes) that are linked against deleted files (for example after downloading an updated binary of a shared library).

Based on checkrestart script from debian-goodies (written by Matt Zimmerman for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and psdel by Sam Morris.

codeauthor:Jiri Kotlin <>
salt.modules.restartcheck.restartcheck(ignorelist=None, blacklist=None, excludepid=None, verbose=True)

Analyzes files openeded by running processes and seeks for packages which need to be restarted.

  • ignorelist -- string or list of packages to be ignored
  • blacklist -- string or list of file paths to be ignored
  • excludepid -- string or list of process IDs to be ignored
  • verbose -- boolean, enables extensive output

True if no packages for restart found. False on failure. String with checkrestart output if some package seems to need to be restarted.

New in version 2015.8.3.

CLI Example: .. code-block:: bash

salt '*' restartcheck.restartcheck