Module for handling openstack glance calls.

  • glanceclient Python adapter


This module is not usable until the following are specified either in a pillar or in the minion's config file:

keystone.user: admin
keystone.password: verybadpass
keystone.tenant: admin
keystone.insecure: False   #(optional)
keystone.auth_url: ''

If configuration for multiple openstack accounts is required, they can be set up as different configuration profiles: For example:

  keystone.user: admin
  keystone.password: verybadpass
  keystone.tenant: admin
  keystone.auth_url: ''

  keystone.user: admin
  keystone.password: verybadpass
  keystone.tenant: admin
  keystone.auth_url: ''

With this configuration in place, any of the glance functions can make use of a configuration profile by declaring it explicitly. For example:

salt '*' glance.image_list profile=openstack1
salt.modules.glance.image_create(name, location=None, profile=None, visibility=None, container_format='bare', disk_format='raw', protected=None)

Create an image (glance image-create)

CLI Example, old format:

salt '*' glance.image_create name=f16-jeos \
         disk_format=qcow2 container_format=ovf

CLI Example, new format resembling Glance API v2:

salt '*' glance.image_create name=f16-jeos visibility=public \
         disk_format=qcow2 container_format=ovf

The parameter 'visibility' defaults to 'public' if not specified.

salt.modules.glance.image_delete(id=None, name=None, profile=None)

Delete an image (glance image-delete)

CLI Examples:

salt '*' glance.image_delete c2eb2eb0-53e1-4a80-b990-8ec887eae7df
salt '*' glance.image_delete id=c2eb2eb0-53e1-4a80-b990-8ec887eae7df
salt '*' glance.image_delete name=f16-jeos
salt.modules.glance.image_list(id=None, profile=None, name=None)

Return a list of available images (glance image-list)

CLI Example:

salt '*' glance.image_list

Returns names and descriptions of the schema "image"'s properties for this profile's instance of glance

CLI Example:

salt '*' glance.image_schema
salt.modules.glance.image_show(id=None, name=None, profile=None)

Return details about a specific image (glance image-show)

CLI Example:

salt '*' glance.image_show
salt.modules.glance.image_update(id=None, name=None, profile=None, **kwargs)

Update properties of given image. Known to work for: - min_ram (in MB) - protected (bool) - visibility ('public' or 'private')

CLI Example:

salt '*' glance.image_update id=c2eb2eb0-53e1-4a80-b990-8ec887eae7df
salt '*' glance.image_update name=f16-jeos
salt.modules.glance.schema_get(name, profile=None)
Known valid names of schemas are:
  • image

  • images

  • member

  • members

CLI Example:

salt '*' glance.schema_get name=f16-jeos