salt.modules.nxos module

Execution module for Cisco NX OS Switches Proxy minions

New in version 2016.11.0.

For documentation on setting up the nxos proxy minion look in the documentation for salt.proxy.nxos.

salt.modules.nxos.cmd(command, *args, **kwargs)

run commands from __proxy__ salt.proxy.nxos


function from salt.proxy.nxos to run


positional args to pass to command function


key word arguments to pass to command function

salt '*' nxos.cmd sendline 'show ver'
salt '*' nxos.cmd show_run
salt '*' nxos.cmd check_password username=admin password='$5$lkjsdfoi$blahblahblah' encrypted=True

Return system information for grains of the NX OS proxy minion

salt '*' nxos.system_info