salt.modules.namecheap_users module

Namecheap User Management

New in version 2017.7.0.


This module uses the requests Python module to communicate to the namecheap API.


The Namecheap username, API key and URL should be set in the minion configuration file, or in the Pillar data. companyname
namecheap.key: a1b2c3d4e5f67a8b9c0d1e2f3
#Real url
#Sandbox url
#namecheap.url: https://api.sandbox.namecheap.xml.response

Checks if the provided minimum value is present in the user's account.

Returns a boolean. Returns False if the user's account balance is less than the provided minimum or True if greater than the minimum.


The value to check

CLI Example:

salt 'my-minion' namecheap_users.check_balances
salt 'my-minion' namecheap_users.check_balances minimum=150

Gets information about fund in the user's account. This method returns the following information: Available Balance, Account Balance, Earned Amount, Withdrawable Amount and Funds Required for AutoRenew.


If a domain setup with automatic renewal is expiring within the next 90 days, the FundsRequiredForAutoRenew attribute shows the amount needed in your Namecheap account to complete auto renewal.

CLI Example:

salt 'my-minion' namecheap_users.get_balances