salt.modules.restartcheck module

checkrestart functionality for Debian and Red Hat Based systems

Identifies services (processes) that are linked against deleted files (for example after downloading an updated binary of a shared library).

Based on checkrestart script from debian-goodies (written by Matt Zimmerman for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and psdel by Sam Morris.


Jiri Kotlin <>

salt.modules.restartcheck.restartcheck(ignorelist=None, blacklist=None, excludepid=None, **kwargs)

Analyzes files openeded by running processes and seeks for packages which need to be restarted.

  • ignorelist -- string or list of packages to be ignored

  • blacklist -- string or list of file paths to be ignored

  • excludepid -- string or list of process IDs to be ignored

  • verbose -- boolean, enables extensive output

  • timeout -- int, timeout in minute


{ 'result': False, 'comment': '<reason>' } String with checkrestart output if some package seems to need to be restarted or if no packages need restarting.

Return type

Dict on error

New in version 2015.8.3.

CLI Example: .. code-block:: bash

salt '*' restartcheck.restartcheck