salt.modules.mattermost module

Module for sending messages to Mattermost

New in version 2017.7.0.


This module can be used by either passing an api_url and hook directly or by specifying both in a configuration profile in the salt master/minion config. For example:

  hook: peWcBiMOS9HrZG15peWcBiMOS9HrZG15
salt.modules.mattermost.post_message(message, channel=None, username=None, api_url=None, hook=None)

Send a message to a Mattermost channel.

  • channel -- The channel name, either will work.

  • username -- The username of the poster.

  • message -- The message to send to the Mattermost channel.

  • api_url -- The Mattermost api url, if not specified in the configuration.

  • hook -- The Mattermost hook, if not specified in the configuration.


Boolean if message was sent successfully.

CLI Example:

salt '*' mattermost.post_message message='Build is done'