Module for configuring DNS Client on Windows systems

salt.modules.win_dns_client.add_dns(ip, interface='Local Area Connection', index=1)

Add the DNS server to the network interface (index starts from 1)

Note: if the interface DNS is configured by DHCP, all the DNS servers will be removed from the interface and the requested DNS will be the only one

CLI Example:

salt '*' win_dns_client.add_dns <ip> <interface> <index>
salt.modules.win_dns_client.dns_dhcp(interface='Local Area Connection')

Configure the interface to get its DNS servers from the DHCP server

CLI Example:

salt '*' win_dns_client.dns_dhcp <interface>
salt.modules.win_dns_client.get_dns_config(interface='Local Area Connection')

Get the type of DNS configuration (dhcp / static)

CLI Example:

salt '*' win_dns_client.get_dns_config 'Local Area Connection'
salt.modules.win_dns_client.get_dns_servers(interface='Local Area Connection')

Return a list of the configured DNS servers of the specified interface

CLI Example:

salt '*' win_dns_client.get_dns_servers 'Local Area Connection'
salt.modules.win_dns_client.rm_dns(ip, interface='Local Area Connection')

Remove the DNS server from the network interface

CLI Example:

salt '*' win_dns_client.rm_dns <ip> <interface>